India 67/3 – Ideas for freedom this Independence Day.

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United Effort

Independence Day! A day to rejoice and give thanks that we live in a free country. Even better when the country happens to be the largest democracy in the world. And while I do give thanks, I am not that joyous anymore. I most definitely have lost my jolly it would seem but indulge me for a bit while I ask ‘Are we really free?’. Free to do what?

What does this it actually mean?

The way I see it, it boils down to: Take Action, Leave Safe Behind, Create Magic.

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Prashalee Gaikwad – Point of Hue, is building a vibrant brand.

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Prashalee Gaikwad - Point of Hue

It would be fairly easy to classify Prashalee as just a talented artist, but as she shares her vision with us, the versatility of her business acumen is truly revealed. When I first learned about Point of Hue, I noticed the range of business verticals and was very keen to understand what was going on. How is it possible to establish a strong brand that was more than just about a talented artist and her creations?

Of course, once you begin listening to Prashalee, it all begins to make sense. She has an acute vision for her brand. She shares how imperative it is for her to create a fresh perspective towards art as well as to explore the application of art to numerous fields such as healthcare, consumer lifestyle, corporate strategy and last but not least towards social causes.

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